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I started by booking my own band because no one else would, then I realized we needed press, so I did that as well, and then radio and everything else that followed. Sooner or later friends and other bands started to ask me to do it for them. Next thing I knew, I  booking 28 shows per week across the city, was in a band that toured non stop, doing an interview every other day almost, working with some very well known and respected names, winning awards, soundtracks etc. and running a full team for the operation (Agents, Booker, Publicist etc). I can go on but you gotta buy me a beer for that. 

Management and Marketing Graduate Diplomas from McGill,  combined with 20+ yrs in music and Rock N' Roll, combined with a drive and work ethic that has yet to slow down. Today I focus is on helping the next guys try to make a living from their passion. 

You got what it takes?

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